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  • Company careers

    Gazpromneft – Aero is interested in recruiting professional personnel.
    The main thrusts of the company’s personnel-management system encompass:
    • recruitment and adaptation of specialists and managers;
    • professional development and career-building, including a continuous training system and personnel reserve program;
    • incentives, including the encouragement of personal contributions to team results.
    Gazpromneft – Aero supports initiatives and innovations aimed at enhancing the efficiency of production and management.

    The main strategic objective of Gazpromneft – Aero with regard to personnel management involves establishing a team of highly-experienced and professional employees aspiring to realize their potential through the achievement of company goals.

    Today, Gazpromneft – Aero employs over 2 thousand people. The company views its employees as partners working for common cause – as a team of like-minded individuals striving to accomplish a common mission.


    Recruitment of young specialists and employee training and education

    The company is interested in recruiting young specialists. The key personnel-development thrusts at the company involve working with young specialists, building-up its personnel reserve, and establishing a comprehensive and continuous training system.

    Gazpromneft – Aero implements the following programs aimed at training qualified personnel:

    • «Personnel reserve».
    • «Corporate Training System», aimed at the development of both professional and corporate (managerial and communicative) competencies.
    • «Mobile Personnel». The main objective of the project is to prepare company employees for resolving production and management tasks in any region where the company has an operational presence.
    • «Young Specialists and Mentoring». The project makes it possible to improve the employment assistance system for the best new graduates while retaining them at the company and ensuring their ongoing career development.