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  • Our business

    Gazpromneft – Aero carries out aviation-fuel supply activities, including:

    sales of the aviation fuel produced by «Gazprom Neft» refineries at  Russian and CIS airports;

    organization of the aviation-fuel supplying of partner-airline aircraft at more than  125 airports worldwide;


    provision of a service package for the suplying of aircraft with aviation POL and special fluids (SF), including:

    • reception, storage, preparation for distribution and servicing of aircraft with aviation fuel; 
    • reception, storage, preparation for distribution and dosing of SF into fuel;
    • other services in accordance with the requirements and regulations governing civil aviation and the established servicing technology for the fuel-supplying of aircraft; 

    Quality control of aviation fuels, oils, lubricants, water-crystallization prevention, hydraulic and de-icing fluids at all stages of their reception, storage and preparation for distribution to assess the fitness of aviation POL for the servicing of aircraft.

    Rendering of services to external organizations to perform laboratory tests of POL and SF according to the sphere of operation of company enterprises.